FB Live failed halfway (interrupted)

I did about 7 FB Lives without a problem. Normally I just play a pre-recorded video through media. This time there was interruption and the fb live got cancelled halfway.

Why is this so? I don’t want this to happen in future again.

I also have access to another program restream.io and restream scheduler. For their schedule of videos for FB, they recommended using handbrake to change certain things in the video to make it more compatible for streaming:

It gives you instructions on changing various technical things - FPS, average bitrate.

I’m not a technical person so I don’t nkow all these.

I just want my future livestreams of a prerecorded video to go well. I’m not sure if it’s the video that has problems or the internet access. I don’t suppose it’s the interent because I’m using highspeed wifi.

What could be the problem?


PS: I didn’t try to reconnect buy shifting the button in the rtmp channels (it was a custom server). I thought it would just reconnect eventually, but it didn’t. The live ended prematurely. So should I have tried to reconnect immediately?

Hey @Jonathanj,

Have you had a chance to try this in ManyCam 7? We’ve improved streaming in that version.

I’ll be trying it tomorrow. But again, what happens if there’s interruption? Do I just try to reconnect again?