Facebook gives error when I try to live stream

I have contacted Manycam support several times with NO RESPONSE so I thought I would try to get an answer here. If I don’t get a response I guess I have to cancel?

My live stream works on YouTube but when I try to go live on Facebook I get the error “A network error has occurred. Please check your internet connection”

I know I am connected to the internet because other windows work. I have tried to restart my computer and I have closed Manycam and reopened but it still doesn’t work.

Anyone have amny ideas on this?

Hey @JR_Fisher,

Welcome to the community. The issue with Facebook is going to be fixed within a few days, and there are a few workarounds. For more information refer to this post.

I still have this problem !!! Has it been solved by FB ? Any update !!!

Looks like it works now.

I really am considerign asking/demanding a refund. there is huge lag and poor video/audio quality when trying to stream. this my 3rd video that has been poorly streamed

this software is not holding up to what is advertises