External Microphone with Manycam iOS?

I’m having trouble getting my external audio interface / mic working with ManyCam on iPhone. The FAQ says that you can use lightning adapter / microphones.

The audio interface that I am using is a low-power consumption Behringer UCA-222, connected to a USB3.0 camera connection kit (which is basically just a USB-A to Lightning Adaptor).

The setup works perfectly with every other steaming apps, and even the built in video via iOS camera app. With all other apps, iOS mutes the built-in iPhone Mic automatically, and takes all audio through the lightning port from the audio interface correctly.

Are there any tricks to get this working?
I’ve tried disabling the mic in ManyCam - that just muted everything completely.
I’ve tried having the audio interface connected prior to launching ManyCam - it still only takes the audio from the built-in mic.

I’m hoping to solve this problem as I would like to use ManyCam for my DJ livestreams.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey @Deviance

I’m unsure of this as I don’t have an external mic to use for this use case but I’ve asked the team to look into this for you, we may need to add support ourselves.

@xuanc Do you have any information on this type of interface for iOS?

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Hey @Deviance

Unfortunately, current version of iOS app use default built-in mic as audio input source not matter user has external mic or not.
In the next future version, we could support external mic as the audio input source.

If it is possible could you create a case in the Redmine for support external mic as audio input source (either by use external mic instead of built-in mic or let user to choose which input they would like to use.)?


I would be very interested in a fix for it, because after installing an external mic on an iPhone, that did messed up the sound for all IOS devices. Fix was to uninstall and re-install ManyCam.

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Hi @xuanc @Christopher

I’ve just been trying out manycam, and am definitely interested to buy a subscription - manycam has good easy usability and visual effect features I like that Switcher Studio does not, and I might change to you product.

This question about manycam iOS app only accepting built-in mic is a problem for me though. I just tested this morning on two iOS devices (TRRS to mic-in on older iphone, TRRS to lightning on newer iphone) and neither work.

Do you plan to progress this issue and have iOS app accept other audio input sources? Many thanks for your time and consideration.

“Redmine” is a bug tracker with multiple sites and guides me down to a Windows/Mac path that doesn’t lead to a place to report this very important microphone incompatibility problem. (I have had several embarrassing total failures on livestreams since May due to this problem)

I am not able to use ManyCam iOS to broadcast as long as all external microphones are disabled.
I have 4 different expensive mics, none work.
This is a FATAL flaw that is driving me to OBS.