Error Youtube and Driver?

I’m using Windows 7, and I have all updates Windows 7. and I have K-Lite Mega Codec Pack last version.

I am installing Manycam old version gives Youtube error !


I am installing the latest version and Communications driver failed error !


How can you expect me to buy this program.??

Hey @Mehmet344

The old version works worse (which is expected). The new one can give you this error following a Windows update, which sometimes messes up drivers.

A simple solution would be this.

None of this solved my problem. I uninstall all drivers and Manycam. I reboot and install the latest version. Again, Driver gives the missing error.

The forum is full of troubled people. My problem still continues. I will have problems even if I buy it. What a pity.

Hey @Mehmet344

What ManyCam version are you using? Be sure to follow these steps.

If this doesn’t help, post screenshots to illustrate the issue. Maybe you experience something else.