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Error 503 Cameras IOS Can't reach Manycam server

after nearly 2 years having no problems with running Manycam mobile on IOS devices, we are now experiencing chronic error 503, can’t reach Web server errors to the point where we can’t effectively and reliably stream anymore.
The Internet service provider has been out, swapped all the equipment, can’t find any problems. Is anyone else having any issues that involve the 503 error and IOS cameras being dropped?

@Mark_Firehammer Should work now, please try again.

Thank you. Yes indeed our cameras came up quickly this morning. It’s important for us to understand why this is happening and what to ask for. Since you clearly Were able to do something about it. Could you please share that information? Our business model is built around live streaming, and we can’t afford to go down for reasons we don’t understand!

Tough getting connected again today. One camera out of service at show time. After 2 plus years of success with Manycam, we’re having to look at more reliability in another product. UNLESS we can get the answer to how to avoid the show stopping 503 can’t reach server error.
Why do the mobile devices even need to touch the server anyway? Being on the same WIFI network should be enough. …like Manycam competitors.


Sorry for interruption of service, there was server side maintenance.

The server is required to locate your device as ManyCam supports streaming from different subnets (e.g. 5G). All media is being sent directly between devices.

If you need same wi-fi network connection only I would recommend the following options:

  1. On windows you may add your own RTMP Input and stream from ManyCam mobile device (or any compatible app with RTMP support), see: Connect your mobile device with RTMP Ingest – ManyCam Help and Support

  2. You may activate NDI feature on your Mobile and then open NDI input in ManyCam win or mac. Note: this requires very good wi-fi, so I would recommend the 1st option. Details: How to use NDI® Input & Output in ManyCam – ManyCam Help and Support

  3. On macOS you may mirror your iPhone screen, see How to mirror your iOS device to Mac via USB (screen mirroring) – ManyCam Help and Support