Ease CPU strain by making presets “idle”

ManyCam is CPU hot especially for screen sharing. It would be so much easier on the CPU to have only the current preset working and taking resources. If I have a desktop screen capture it might boost the CPU usage by 20%. Even if I’m using another preset that uses a single webcam, the CPU load is still so high because of another preset. Would it be that much to only “activate” the preset and it’s items when in use?


Hey @Robert

Thanks for putting this forward. We’ve been considering different ways to lower the CPU usage. The one you described is one of them.

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Considering this has been a long time I think. What year will we see improvements on high CPU usage? This is the only thing I hate about ManyCam. Can the improvement move along please.


This seems like a great idea, so when?

Agree as a minimum. Or another solution even.

The other thing I noticed, If you use the Text feature to put text on the screen, for me anyway that adds 5% CPU load.

With the high CPU load overall being around the 35% mark with all my presets it causes the audio from my external mic to drift out of sync with the video because it responds slower picking up my voice (i.e latency increases). A lower CPU usage would help with this. Atm I have to stop speaking, close the microphone source in manycam and reload it as an audio source to get it back in sync. The latency cna get as bad as 1 to 2 seconds if streaming a long time.

I agree with the suggestion of having video presets sit idle and only start playing automatically when selected.

OBS has the feature to reduce CPU usage. On my show, I sometimes use 10 videos pushing CPU usage very high. The problem is if I shut off the video loop function I would have to switch to the paused video preset live and start it which looks sloppy.

Having the video roll as soon as the Preset is selected and stop again when it is deselected would be amazing and would really reduce CPU usage which in my case can reach 90 percent even with a newer I7 multi core processor.