Does Manycam work with accessories like Elgato StreamDeck?

There are many accessories out there that provide enhanced keyboard functionality to alter settings (e.g. switch presets, mute / unmute sound etc.) when working live.
These usually emulate the actual keyboard in some way (send multiple keystrokes)
Does ManyCam support this?
(I guess what I’m asking is, can ManyCam be completely controlled using keyboard shortcuts, or are there functions that require the mouse?)

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I do have some presets configured on the StreamDeck for switching cameras. Seems to work ok.

Unfortunately not everything has a keyboard shortcut.

But stream deck still is a huge help.
Just not as integrated as with other software.

Wish I knew how you did this because I have not been able to make anything work. I just want to be able to switch between scenes.

Just create a global shortcut in ManyCam (CMD-1 for example), then have stream deck do that keystroke.

We did that until the ManyCam freeze up got so bad that it actually crashed the webinar completely. Ended up just not using ManyCam for the next few because it’s completely unstable and unreliable.

Thank you, everyone, for your insights and suggestions!

What software do you use now?