Does Manycam benefit from a NVENC encoder?

I’m in the process of choosing a graphics card for a dedicated PC for streaming and Manycam. In that context: does Manycam benefit from a hardware Nvidia NVENC encoder such as included in a Geforce GTS 1660 super or 2060 super?

Actually, I found this article on the help pages: So yes, Manycam does support NVENC for RTMP and recording. But, as I understand it, that is not automatically of use for other application such as Zoom or Skype, via a virtual webcam, which is my intention. Can anyone clarify?

I use ManyCam with Zoom, but not as a virtual camera!!! The reason is that as a virtual camera my feed to others is limited to the “video box” on someone else’s screen. If they are in gallery view then my video is just one among many… So I use share partial screen in zoom and choose the area to share as the ManyCam main window. Then I transition to various Presets in ManyCam as needed. Back on Zoom I turn the video off which shows a still picture from my profile OR I leave video on in and use a separate camera. NEVER use the same camera for both ManyCam and Zoom; it will eventually freeze or get out of sync in Zoom (I am convinced this is a Zoom issue so I found work around).

I’m not really sure what you try to accomplish. My interpretation is that you want to force a view to the attendants (instead of getting lost in the gallery view) by sharing a screen. Why not use the ‘spotlight video’ functionality in Zoom for this? Or perhaps I misunderstand you.

Sorry to confuse - I thought I was replying to a message about someone trying to use ManyCam as a virtual camera. I was offering an alternative way to use the advanced features of ManyCam with Zoom without using it as a virtual camera.

I am familiar with spotlight view and use it occasionally. But always Not using ManyCam as a virtual camera. At the time Zoom was not supporting virtual camera and this was my work around. I liked it so much that when Zoom began supporting virtual camera again I just continued using my work around as it gave me more control and flexibility of what others see.

My primary use is as a “Presenter/Facilitator” for an interactive group learning experience (we are studying the Bible). I share many different multi-media resources throughout the presentation, and then facilitate group discussions. By allowing each participant to choose either speaker or gallery view helps focus on who is talking at the moment all while still seeing the shared media. I basically use ManyCam as a real-time video mixer.

Bottom line I experienced too many times either camera freezing or getting a few seconds out of sync with the audio when using virtual camera that I abandoned the use of virtual camera within Zoom.