Disabling Transitions

Hi guys, please let me know how to disable auto transitions in the playlist? I can’t find anything like this anywhere on the interface. I want to manually fire off my videos. No transitions at all. I’ve set it to 9999 seconds (the limit) but that’s not “off”


Hi! Have you tried with 0s? I think that you can’t set it with keyboard, but with the - it sets to 0 seconds.

Hi! Thanks for the reply! Nope. I’m afraid pressing 0 or - sets it back to 1 second (on the Mac version anyway). There seems to be absolutely no way to run a slide show manually. :man_shrugging:

That’s a shame, I’m on windows so maybe is OS as you said. I hope someone else on mac could confirm this to us

Was there an answer for this? I’m also looking to move from one video to another video on the playlist immediately without any transitions

On the video sources tab you can select the transition duration and type for the elements in the playlist, select cut and this will disable the transitions for the playlist.

Thanks, however when I set it to “cut”, between each video (selected from my computer - media) on my playlist, there’s still a pause/transition of 1-2 seconds and it goes to a sort of a black screen in between. I just want the playlist to go from video to video immediately and smoothly, without any 1 second delay and definitely not the “in between” “black-like” screen. Is this possible? Thanks.

@Jonathanj @ravenhorus
Please try out latest beta (win) that contains improvements for Movie source: https://manycam.com/beta/