Different lower third per preset

I purchased a license last night after being very happy with the free version for testing. I was disappointed to find out that the paid version does not let you (that i can find) have a different lower third per preset. Now when i change between different people (skype streams, other cams, etc) i have to then go and manually turn off one lower third and turn on another. My fault for not checking this before i purchased, but i figured it was a simple and widely used feature that i just needed the full version for. Any chance of adding this in the future? Its almost crippling the chance to use ManyCam for our needs.


Hey @smarc,

Welcome to the community. Thank you for pointing that out. Indeed, Lower Thirds are currently applied to all presets and act globally. We’ll look into ways to improve that.

Yes, lower third and others should not be applied to all presets.

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Has there been any movement on fixing this? It’s seems very stupid that you have to manually turn off the lower third when switching to different presets. Other object disappear when switching, so why not the lower third?

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I also would up-vote this request to have different Lower-Thirds per Preset.

The primary reason that I use Lower-Thirds is to identify the subject of a particular camera:

  • LIVE from iPhone
  • LIVE from iPad
  • LIVE from WebCam.

The Text overlay is a temporary work-around, but doesn’t look as nice!

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That is an unacceptable work around. This is a simple problem that should be fixed.

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Yes please. Having this would be great as lower thirds can be used much more (quantity-wise and probably quality-wise as well).

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Hi, Any news on this?
I would add the request of activating low thirds per hotkey.

This would be great!

I was also disappointed to find out this was not part of the paid version of ManyCam. It makes using multiple presets much less useful, especially when doing streams with multiple people.