Different audio for different presets

Hello there, I’m one of those people who work out 80% of things and misses 20% of obviousness then! I did check through the forum here and couldn’t find this answered.

Can I set different audio for different presets.

My case in point

I host live music bingo sessions

I want preset one to have my countdown timer ‘show starts in x mins’ etc and be playing general music via the playlist function (I use a USB codec from my mixing desk for my microphone, that way I can use the faders for talk over)

but when I switch over to live preset with my camera on etc, I would like to the playlist to stop it’s audio, and my USB codec to be on and also another audio input to be ‘live’ which is a thing called ‘background’ that I play my triggered music through.

I know I can workaround with what I do now, but is there a way of setting what audio is on in different presets?

thanks in advance for your time