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Devices communicating but not connecting

I use 4 identical model mobile phones to livestream weekly services for my church. Today, every camera was unable to connect after receiving the message from the PC used for livestreaming. In the course of trying get something to work, I restarted my routers, I uninstalled every manycam app on every device and re-installed, making sure all permissions were granted. I deleted every device and computer listed in my profile and added them all back. Nothing worked. I have the Lifetime Premium Subscription and I can’t figure out any settings that have caused this failure to connect on every device – especially since i have not had issues of this severity ever and nothing had been changed in my setup from last week to today. Upshot of it is, we were unable to livestream using manycam today.

I need to get this working again before next week. Am I missing something?
PS. I also tried MC Lite and the same issues were present.

I can’t help you other than to report that this morning we were unable to connect to either Facebook or Vimeo to stream as we normally do. MC would appear to connect, then error out after 20 seconds. Rebooted numerous times but never did get it to work. Eventually switched to zoom with MC as camera, then had zoom stream to FB.

I had the same situation. None of my mobile devices would connect. I use three phones and an iPad.
Fortunately I also use a Canon Vixia HD G40 camera and that worked. Otherwise I would have had to route my sound to the camera and record the whole service for posting afterwards.
I did receive a notice when I booted up this morning that an update was available but I decided to wait until after service to do that. Sadly, nothing was connecting so I installed the new update thinking that might help. Obviously it didn’t.
Sad (but glad) to see it wasn’t only me. I was going to go through the complete uninstall/clean reinstall of everything as you did. I think I’ll wait a couple days. Hopefully there will be a fix. Fortunately, I will still have my physically attached camera. A one camera stream is pretty boring after running four cameras for year or better. It’s like falling over backwards from a quality of show perspective.
Sooooo MC … WHAT’s the issue?
I’m running on Win10 Pro