Desktop Window Video plays at 1/4 framerate

Re manycam, Can the efficiency of desktop window video be increased?
Gif Animation from Google slides (as a Desktop window) play at 1/4 frame rate of the same gif in ManyCam.

1/4 framerate would mean 2-3 fps as opposed to an acceptable 12-15fps. 2-3fps is too slow to be useable

Sadly, that trashes my idea of using Google Slides as a collection of backgrounds/templates for ManyCam. In my case, I have a scene templates based on age and gender. For example, an 7 year boy ‘might’ not want a princess (Elsa of Frozen) themed lesson.


  • Macbook pro 2016
  • 16 gigs Ram
  • SSD hard drive at 60%
  • running only three apps during teaching (Brave browser, Stickie Notes, and Manycam)