Desktop Layer Crashes W/ Multiple Displays (Windows)

Hi everyone, I’m having a 100% reproducable issue where if I try to activate a layer with “Desktop” as the source ManyCam instantly crashes and will continue to crash on start until I either unplug the multiple displays and launch it (which will stop the continuous crashing) and remove the desktop layer (then it works fine with multiple displays) or uninstall and reinstall completely which of course clears the Desktop as a layer too.

If I do capture the desktop (any option, display, custom area, etc.) with a single display plugged in it works perfectly. As soon as I attach a second display it starts crashing immediately.

I’ve tried several things – forcing OpenGL acceleration, DirectX, etc. to no avail. DirectX forcing prevents crashing but the capture Desktop option flat out doesn’t work. OpenGL works with a single monitor attached but always crashes with more than one attached.

Anyone else encounter this or have any suggested workarounds to try?

I am having the identical issue.

yup does it when i even turn on my other monitor…

Really hoping ManyCam’s team responds here…

Hey @pfox @SwiftyMcVee @Azim_M

Please try this guide:

If nothing works, send the files listed in the second part of the guide to our support team at

If you are on Windows, try the following:

First, update ManyCam to the latest version using this link:

Make sure that your graphics card drivers are up to date (in case you use 2 GPUs, make sure to update both).

If installing the update doesn’t help, please send us the following information:

1. DxDiag report:

  • Press Win + R , type-in dxdiag and hit Enter . Then please click on “Save all information” and send it to

2. Log files from ManyCam:

  1. Start ManyCam and reproduce the issue
  2. Close ManyCam by pressing Ctrl + Q
  3. Press Win + R , type-in %appdata%\ManyCam\Logs and hit Enter
  4. Then select all files from this folder, right-click -> select Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder . Send the compressed zip folder to
  1. A crush dump file. Press Windows key and R ( Win+R ) and paste %Programdata%\manycam\crashdumps and find the latest crash dump file in the opened folder (it will look somewhat like manycam.exe.1234.dmp )

Upload this file to Google Drive, OneDrive or any other cloud file storage. Please make sure this link is public (i.e. does not require an account to access it)

@Mikhail I have sent my logs and support tickets already (2020090210000129). Was told it was fixed in the beta (it was not resolved by the beta).

I did notce that it only affects my machine with mulitple GPUs (Both Nvidia, one a 1080ti,t he other is a 1650)

On my other machine with a single GPU i have no issue.

Hey @Azim_M

As per or Support team, you haven’t installed the ;ateast beta yet. Please install it and resend the files in case the issue persists.

Ok, new logs/dumps/dxdiag ahs been sent to support, using latest beta verson, with latest Nvidia drivers.