Delayed audio on playback

Constantly have issues with delayed audio not syncing with my mouth when playing back recordings made on many cam - instructions in the help section are overly complicated and unhelpful. Does anyone have a solution to this? Your help is appreciated in advance.

Yes, I’m having the exact same issue. I’m using the latest version of MacOS, with the M2 Max and 64gb of ram. There’s no reason this should be happening. This is a new issue. I’ve tested this on ManyCam versions 7 and 8 with the same problem.

Support told me it was because my computer must be too old or have bad processing power… but like you I am on a top of the line MacBook… it should be more than capable. It’s a really frustrating issue. Every time I ask support for help on this they give me a very unclear or complicated answer. I’d love some clarity on this for once… like literally a screen recording of how to fix it would be nice…

ManyCam takes a variable amount of time to process the video, making it delayed from the audio. I had to adjust the audio delay each time I started ManyCam. I switched to using OBS which has better control over the audio and video delays and the delays are constant from one session to the next. ManyCam support seems to have gone away since the product was sold a year ago, so don’t expect much help there.

I sent a message to support a few days ago, but no reply yet. We’ll see what they say. The major issue is that I’m trying to play a video as a source, and the sync is off, but there’s no way to adjust the sync for an MP4 video as a source.