Degraded powerpoint quality when using Manycam

I ran into an unexpected and unpleasant issue yesterday when during a presentation audience members pointed out my slides were difficult/impossible to read. The PPT slides were fine on my computer when logging in as an audience member it turned out that indeed the text on the PPT slides was blurry (images were fine).

Why is Manycam degrading the PPT quality? What can I do to fix this?

Check your font size. I have found anything smaller than 55 is difficult to read. I find this true with or without ManyCam. Before virtual I taught in a classroom with 50” flat screen and 55 was as small as I could use and have the participants on the back road ready them.

The quality on the receiving end is also a factor of their internet speed.

If you are not broadcasting and just using a ManyCam as a real-time editor check your output resolution settings to make sure they are 1080p. Also I am sure your own monitor has a higher resolution than 1080p so what you see is not what is being capture - even without ManyCam.

How are you broadcasting? I use Manycam as a studio to broadcast via zoom. If you don’t have a lot of motion, it works better to share the Manycam fullscreen output window rather than use the virtual webcam.

Thanks for your reply.
Sorry, I don’t know what broadcasting ‘as a studio’ entails. Could you explain?

(I mostly do stand-up lectures, so not much movement. I have noticed that any text that is either small or that has some (any) sort of background (like a textbox with a solid colour background) does not display clearly - basically anything with a less than perfect contrast)

(In reply to Ghcoleman, I usually font sizes of 18-20 in Powerpoint when sharing my screen in Zoom as audience members read the text on their own computer screen and 18 is no problem at all to read - normally.)


Size 55 font used in Zoom will ultimately look similar to size 18 on your computer screen, if you use screen share in Zoom. If not it will look even smaller!!!