Custom transition

When switching from one preset / scene to another, I’d like to use a custom transition, which is a logo stinger that fills the screen for 3 seconds.

Can this be done?

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In addition - when switching from one preset to another, the transition is locked to a crossfade.

Is there any way to change this?

I don’t know about custom transitions (sounds like you’re trying to do a “Batman” style transition!) but you can change the one that is used.

Right-click on a preset and select “Transition”. This will bring up a dialog box that lets you change the transition as well as the duration.


Thanks, that’s great, and a function I didn’t know about.

And yes, I would definitely like to have a Batman-style transition, by selecting a 1-2 second video to play when switching from one present to another.

I wonder if each preset could have a playlist, which autoplayed the short video, before switching to the layout I wanted .