Cropping in iOS app for cameras and images and other topics

We are currently using the ManyCam Windows and Mac apps for our church services and want to simplify for some people without computers. We want to leverage the iOS app as it is very capable on its own. A few features we need are:

is any of this already doable?

  1. The PIP fixes the proportions of the inlet and while you can resize, if the inlet image is not the same proportion you cannot place it at the right or left edge of the scene. Enable the inlet image to change to the proportion of the object being added… then resizing is great and placement can be anywhere.

  2. Video cropping when use phone video ad add on scene. While you can resize the video we want to only include the crop of the camera in the PIP.

  3. Tie the PIP to the scene and not the app so when you change scenes the PIP is not on by default

  4. Ability to add text objects

  5. Ability to add more than one object in the scene… Like text and an image.