Crash while recording, recording will not play

I was having a great live stream broadcast this past weekend of my neighborhoods social distant event and was recording on my local system. With 14 mins left in the broadcast the program crashes and I have to force quit and restart the program.

Sadly with the crash, Manycam did not finish “writing” to the record, now I have a 5 gig video clip that will not play. Is there a way to resurrect the video?

Tech background of feed…
Stream was at a resolution of 720 at 30 frames.
Streaming to Youtube.
I was recording on an external 1 TB SSD, certainly fast enough for the resolution we were broadcasting at. I normally use this drive as an external recorder while shooting 4k videos.
My MacBook Pro is only 3-4 years old.
Manycam was the only program running on the system. Aside from email. I did not have YouTube or any other app or website up.
I was taking 1 mobile phone feed at a time, another mobile cam would be in preset while I was transitioning, then I would dump the first.
I had 3-4 other elements in presets, 2-3 graphic elements and 1 or 2 video roll ins. All conformed to the resolution I was broadcasting at.

Hoping for a fix.


Hey @LootyCam

Hey @shouxville

Please try this guide:

If nothing works, send the files listed in the second part of the guide to our support team at

It seems like you have the impression that I have an issue with it crashing, that is not really the case. Yes it did crash on me during a broadcast, but what I want to do is resurrect the recording that was being made during the broadcast and when the crash happed. It is currently unplayable because of the crash.

The second suggestion of sending file to the support team will be something I will try. Though the recording is 5 gigs, I was in the last 15 mins of a 4 hour broadcast when we crashed.

I did send an email to tech support describing the situation as I did on my first post and their response was

Hi there,

Thank you for your request. Unfortunately, in this case, the video can’t be recovered.

Best Regards,
ManyCam Support

You are giving me a little hope that this response was just an automated response and I might be able to get that show back.

@LootyCam, try to use VLC convert option or search for other tools for fixing MP4. The guide for VLC:

Thanks for this suggestion.

That gave me hope, but did not work.
Unsure of paying $100+ for a program that I am still don’t know if it is going to work. The site give you the impression that it will show you a preview of the fixed video before you purchase. But that does not seem to be the case.

I recently had a similar issue and I tried MANY ways to recover, including spending money on software, nothing helped.

For anyone experiencing this issue, you can leverage untruct to fix the file. I use Windows and was just about to repair a 56 GB recording using the utility.