Control desktop using the mobile ManyCam app

Hello, hope you can help me.

I’ve been using ManyCam along with Zoom since Lockdown began in the UK to stream our Religious Services live from a make-shift-Chapel in one of the unused rooms in my house. Its worked very well.

Static Windows laptop hooked up to 1 external microphone and 2 usb cameras all through usb3 port.

We are now ready to move back into our Church building but this poses me a great difficulty.
We are only allowed 30 people at any one time in the Church for our Sunday/Week Day Services of Worship. A lot of our parishioners will have to remain isolated but want to join in.

Now we would like to use our Static
Static Laptop with hooked up to 1 external microphone but and 3 usb cameras each at different points uptop 6m apart. I wont be able to control the Laptop or move it because of the cables going into it.

Is it possible to use my Ipad Pro to control the feed on the Laptop- selecting which camera to use etc.

vMix version 23 has this feature and i have done a test which worked perfectly. Can I do this with ManyCam. I don’t want to move to vMix- its far too expensive plus I’ve joined ManyCam for lifetime subscription.

Any help please.

PS- I will have to control the feed and not give it to someone to do- most of my parishioners, if not all, don’t want or cant do it. We move back into the Church building on 1st August with a Wedding we need to stream. Followed by our Sunday Service of Worship and Liturgy starting 2nd August. Funerals too - once were back in the building asap. With limited numbers allowed to attend and many parishioners staying at home with Zoom I need to sort this out very quickly.

vMix have this feature which I have used in their demo version to test with great success. Just wondered if there was a way to do the same with ManyCam. Im reluctant to join vMix as its not as friendly to use or as expensive as ManyCam.

Hey @S_B

ManyCam currently doesn’t have this feature. I’ve moved your post to Suggestions.