Constant Framerate Mode Needed for Manycam Records


Just wanted to follow up on a request to have Manycam record at a constant framerate. I am using the latest version of Manycam This problem has been noticed on earlier versions as well.

My weekly show is two hours I break it down into two hour-long files. While the video quality is excellent, I record in 1080p 30 fps the video frame rate is not constant . It is a Variable Frame Rate File that is not compatible with most edit software. I use either Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere. Premiere just won’t accept the file and Avid has to do a time-intensive transcode.

My workaround is to run the Manycam file through the Handbrake program and force it to be a constant frame rate file. The problem is this takes time over an hour for each show. I would like to be able to use the Manycam recorded files without going through this extra step. Other software similar to Manycam has an editor compatibility mode that records in a Constant Frame Rate. I would like to once again request this on Manycam version 8 which I hope is coming soon.


I notice same as well. Please look into it. Thanks

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