Communication with the driver failed

Hi I have a problem with my manycam, I just downloaded manycam and my windows system is up to date but it says communication with the driver failed. I can’t use manycam and I really wanted to try it for my students.
I have tried installing and uninstalling manycam many times and checked my system for any update but it’s still showing me the same dialog box.

Hey @Genifer_Retes,

Pelase reboot your PC then install ManyCam.

hi @ieo

I uninstalled my manycam the rebooted my laptop then reinstall manycam but it’s still the same.
I rebooted my Laptop then install manycam still the same.

If you have Windows 7 try this option:

hi @ieo I have Windows 10 version :frowning:

Do you have an antivirus installed?