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Color Picker just doesn't work on Mac

I’ve used the chroma key successfully using the “auto” settings. But the “color picker” option (Mac) just seems to be completely broken – never seems to actually choose the color I’m clicking on. For example. if I use it to click on the green of my green screen (green hue, saturated, light tone) with advanced/HSL on, it reveals that it’s loaded the exact opposite settings (red, unsaturated, dark). I can move the HSL slides around to eventually get it to work, but I’ve never managed to use it with YUV. And if I use it on a zoomed video, it doesn’t seem to take the zoom into account, etc… Could you please look again at that bit of code?


Hey Timo,

I only use the colour picker for Chroma on Mac, as I find it works much better!

I rarely go into the Advanced settings, but checking there now I can see YUV seems to be chosen by default.

Feel free to hit me up directly if you want to troubleshoot this more.

Same problem on version 8 - endlessly frustrated by lack of ability to enter my own HEX codes, get the color I select onscreen, and have a reliable transparency indicator.

ManyCam, please pull up your socks on this. I’ve paid for studio annual and am finding it less functional than my previous, cheaper subscription in many ways. This is one of the more frustrating, as it affects my ability to use clocks and text the way I used to before I gave you more money!