Color Picker for the clock settings in version 8

In version 8 I’m desperatly missing the color picker in the clock settings. We had that in the previous version.

@Patrick do you need more options?


Yes, definitely. I’m missing two things: Either having a screen color picker tool like in the previous version where I can select a color from a picture in the layer or at least an option to enter the HEX value manually. I could then use an additional tool like Screen ColorPicker to get the value and enter it. For me the color sliders are not sufficient. I never get the color of the clock to match the background picture.


Me too. It’s a bit ridiculous that I’m paying more for an upgrade and now I can’t customize my colours to match branding, etc… Please fix this.

In the latest build you can click on color preview rect to open system color picker and use any color: