Color from mobile to desktop issue

This is odd. I used my phone with ManyCam Mobile. It saw the room as it was. When I linked to the phone on the desktop app, the colors were inverted. I did not have any chroma key on for the layer so I have no idea why. There were no filters activated. !
This is what I saw on the screen of the phone running ManyCam mobile.

This one is what the desktop app received from the phone.

Hey @Brian_Sikorski

Thank you for the details.
Just going to tag someone from the team to check this out for you.

@twinsbox89 can you please check this out?

Hello @Brian_Sikorski

Yep, It’s a known issue. To solve this you need to re-login (logout & login) into you account on both sides ( mobile & desktop ).

Different versions of clients use different color-spaces of image transmitted and the issue happens when clients misunderstand which versions are currently connected.