Chroma Key Settings Does not Work

I’ve searched and the majority fo CHrom help is for v6 and I have v7
THe chroma key is just not working
THe only way I can get it to work is to select auto
THe advanced settings fail terribly.
Select advanced and YUV and select the color for the background - I have a green chroma screen behind me does nothing - literally nothing
Select HSL and color picker - select the green screen color and my skin turns grey?
Its bizarre and frustrating
“Replace” works but its very poor at the edges and not consistent
Same with Chroma key auto
What am I doing wrong - where is a video showing how to use the advanced controls and the 3 bars of spectrum below that have no signs or indications of what or hwo to use them aside from sliding them around which just makes odd changes to the image

Hey @ob1kanobi

Have you tried this tutorial:

It’s from this guide:

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Any luck? I just got a new iMac today and tried setting up. I’m getting the same issues.

There is something that I just tried that seems to have worked. Go under settings, the gear in the upper right hand corner, and change Hardware Acceleration to OpenGL. This seems to have corrected the issue for me. Hope it works for you too.

Thanks @Agustin_Arias that did the trick
Greatly appreciated!

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Hey everyone,

We are looking into the problem. Thanks for sharing the details.

Please try the latest beta, it has some fixes for AMD gpus:

@ieo I am on v. with an AMD RADEON RX560 and i7 6th gen CPU and constantly fiddling with the background. I have tried with / without a green screen and followed instructions . Tried auto/color select. Works fine on zoom with native camera (and skype) but FAILS with manycam. Evaluating purchase. Main problems / Questions:

  1. Will work sometimes (auto seems best) and then next day not at all - litterally . I try to hit auto refresh and sometimes that helps but sometimes not. No confidence that it will work.
  2. Admit lighting is not great but it works fantastic in zoom so not sure if software, settings or what?
  3. I’'m running radeon adrenaline with AMD graphics card that has many options (e.g. tripple buffer, etc.) do they impact manycam? Which and what should i set them to?
  4. I have tried to reboot machine (win 2004) and that seems to help! Will not help to exit, restart.

I simply want an easy, reliable way to replace the background and thought this was the way to go but spending way too much time on it. please help as many want this feature.

FYI - tried beta and still having problems.

Spring 2021 here and this is still a problem. Any update?? Thanks.