Capturing iPad screen with ManyCam?

Hi -

I downloaded the ManyCam app from Apple store. I was hoping that the App will automatically capture my iPad screen as a video source, but it merely captures the camera output. Is there a way for me to capture the iPad screen as a video source so that I can use it as my background/use other iPad apps (like notability, and then stream it) and merge it with my other video source from webcam.

any suggestions?


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Hey @ram

Try this option

Hello @Mikhail.
Why is not possible to screen mirroring whit two (or more) devices at the same time??
(Obviously both are iPhone and the laptop is Mac)

Thats a problem, because I really need to do it whit my two iPhones because when I used de mobile app the quality and continuity of the video by wifi it´s very deplorable, and I don’t think its a wifi problem, because my bandwidth is 120Mbs.