Can't mute YouTube layer

When I add a YouTube layer, ManyCam starts the audio. It is normal. But when I mute layer pushing the speaker icon on the upper right corner of that layer or by selecting “mute layer” in the popup menu, nothing happens. the sound is going on.

I reinstalled manycam, tried several (different) YouTube streams, used a different webcam for my own camera layer with no success. The noise is still going on.

Hey @Ferenc_Vagujhelyi

Are you on Mac or PC What version of ManyCam is installed? Please also post a screenshot of what you did to mute the layer. Does muting global sound work for you?

Mac OS 11.1 (Big Sur); All sound is switched off (see attached screenshot). Neither global sound switch nor the layer sound switch has any effect. The youtube layer keeps playing sound.

I have removed and installed the software again from the link given by the ManyCam support, but no change.

hey @Ferenc_Vagujhelyi

Could you please try this:

I have tried all features aiming to mute a layer or the whole audio output of manycam, with no success. This was the first. :frowning:

Hey @Ferenc_Vagujhelyi

Please try a clean installation of our latest beta:

Nothing has changed.

I could manage the whole problem by using my mic (instead of manycam sound output), BUT in this case I hear the sound and people on the other end of the line also hear that when I am not muted, because my microphone reads it from the speaker (from the atmosphere of the room). If I use headset the only problem is that I hear the sound… and it is pretty a problem when you present to an audience. They will hear only you but you hear a loud music if the youtube channel is “featured” with some music (eg. If I want my background the Rialto Bridge, I can do it only with the background music.

You should develop a switch to cut the connection between the audio system of OS X and the ManyCam application.