Can't install latest Manycam version

I’m trying to install Manycam on a fresh Windows 20H2 installation, and Manycam installer closes itself when is trying to install. This is happening on 20H1 too.

By the way i can´t visit this url using Firefox: Google Safe Browising is blocking it because of malware. I don´t have this problem using Edge browser.

Excuse my poor english.

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same problem here. Google is saying the download link is filled with malware

I downloaded this file in spite of Google’s warning and ran it through Virus total. Is the concern from Google that this is easy to hijack? This causes me some concerns that Google is flagging this.

Hey Matthew can you install this version? My installer can´t complete the installation process.

same here.

ManyCam v7.7.0.
Win10 x64

hit the Accept button on the installer and it says…

Copy to C:\Program Files(x86)\ManyCam\uninstall.log
Installing digital certificate…
Closing another ManyCam instance…

then vanished.

I want to try previous version but I cant find then on manycam . com.

@Tendon @Big_D @Matthew_Jett_Hall

Please try to download it again, it should work now.

thanks for your support.
now it works for me.