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Can't get my C922 camera to turn off when not using manycam

My C922 camera will not turn off when not using manycam. I need some help. I have to put my computer in sleep mode to turn off the camera.

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Tengo el mismo problema, luego ya no puedo usar la cámara con otras aplicaciones, como Skype, me sale en el Chrome de Google que la cámara no está disponible, le doy las autorizaciones y nada solo aparece la cam virtual de ManyCam, eso es molesto, ¿hay alguna forma de resolver esto?.

I have the same problem, then I can no longer use the camera with other applications, such as Skype, I get in Google’s Chrome that the camera is not available, I give it the authorizations and nothing only appears the ManyCam virtual cam, that’s annoying , is there any way to solve this?

Generally, Windows allows you to select a webcam in only single app, in other apps it won’t work.
That’s why ManyCam exists, it allows you to select your real webcam in MC and then select ManyCam Virtual Webcam in multiple apps.