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Can't activate virtual background

I recently bought Manycam Standard Lifetime, but can’t activate virtual background (why I got it). I have GeForce GTX 550 Ti card. Parameters:
Driver version: 391.35
Direct3D API Version: 11.2
Direct3D feature level: 11_0
CUDA cores: 192
Graphics Dock: 900 MHz
Processor Dock: 1800MHz
Memory data rate: 4104 MHz
Memory Interface: 192-bit
Memory Bandwidth: 98.5 GB/s
Total available graphics: 9192 MB
Dedicated video memory: 8168 MB
System video memory: 0 MB
Shared System memory: 8168 MB
Video bios version:
IRQ: not used
Bus: PCI Express x16 gen2

Does any of this give a clue to what is wrong and what to do? THANK YOU!!

@gcsheph Please collect logs and send them to How to collect ManyCam log files (Windows) – ManyCam Help and Support

I don’t think this will help as the virtual background item is grayed out, so I am assuming the application found something it didn’t like and would not allow it to be used. I added all the notes assuming that somebody might see something that says that there is some parameter or something on the PC that is not right.

@gcsheph You may check the requirements here: Virtual Backgrounds General Guide – ManyCam Help and Support

You may also try to switch engine to OpenVINO CPU in advanced settings.