Cannot get sound from ManyCam Mobile

Iphone X, iOS 12.3.1. ManyCam Mobile 2.5 Paid version.

Mac book Pro, Mojave, ManyCam

After adding iPhone as an input streaming device, I can see and record video only. I cannot hear sound from the iPhone on the playback device. When I record the stream and play it back no sound either. I don’t see the cell phone as an option in the audio devices list either. It lists only the miocrophones physically on the desktop. In the mac mac system pref, Manycam Virtual Microphone is selected. Pleas help. Need to make the swork before this weekend. Thanks

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Hey @kswami0101,

Thanks for joining the ManyCam community.

Can you please verify that the scene is not muted, you can check this by adding your mobile device and then in the top right corner of the scene clicking the audio button.

If there is still a problem, can you please try reinstalling the ManyCam mobile app and verifying that you have accepted the microphone permission?

We have a subscription to your software. We have seven devices connected using the mobile apps. To of those devices are IOS, an iphone and and Ipad. We have your software installed on to Windows 10 PCs a laptop and a desktop. When we connect to the IOS devices using the laptop, we get no audio from those devices. If we run the same set up on the desktop we didn’t get audio from those devices. Using the same exact settings we have been very careful to be certain of that are there any on board Windows resources a you are aware of that would be responsible for this inconsistency? That would be very helpful.

I am having this same issue, I have connected my iPhone and an iPad and I can’t get audio from either of them. All permissions are set to “allow” and it’s not muted in the ManyCam desktop app nor the mobile app, but nothing is coming through.
I want to use the mic audio from one mobile device and then mute everything else.


I did some recording tests on the mobile devices and the audio was coming through fine, so I quit the desktop app and reopened, I don’t think I did anything else but about a minute later, all of the sudden it just started working. I’m hoping it just needed a reboot and that I won’t have this issue again. So if you’re have problems with this try quitting the app and reopening it.