Cannot get sound from ManyCam Mobile


Iphone X, iOS 12.3.1. ManyCam Mobile 2.5 Paid version.

Mac book Pro, Mojave, ManyCam

After adding iPhone as an input streaming device, I can see and record video only. I cannot hear sound from the iPhone on the playback device. When I record the stream and play it back no sound either. I don’t see the cell phone as an option in the audio devices list either. It lists only the miocrophones physically on the desktop. In the mac mac system pref, Manycam Virtual Microphone is selected. Pleas help. Need to make the swork before this weekend. Thanks

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Hey @kswami0101,

Thanks for joining the ManyCam community.

Can you please verify that the scene is not muted, you can check this by adding your mobile device and then in the top right corner of the scene clicking the audio button.

If there is still a problem, can you please try reinstalling the ManyCam mobile app and verifying that you have accepted the microphone permission?