Cannot add Virtual Mic

I cannot get ManyCam to add the Virtual Mic on my Mac Book Pro. I’ve tried rebooting as well as deleting and reinstalling the software. Any ideas to get it to show so I can add it.

Add to what? I know virtual cam is not working with mac anymore on Skype etc but not sure about the mic

Edit: I think I misunderstood, you’re trying to add a virtual mic to manycam itself?

Same here… I updated to the new BETA version on my m1 mac mini and I lost the ManyCam Virtual Microphone … it no longer appears in the Sound/Input list of devices fro sound input or in the Zoom app options of microphones to choose from. I believe this is needed so that SOUND can be heard when a video is played over zoom w/out having to ShareScreen. … My macbook pro intel is working fine with this update and the virtual mic is showing as an option. … UPDATE: FIXED with a beta update of Big Sur…


Sometimes it requires to reboot your mac after installation to see the mic.