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Can you flip the interface and move controls to left side?

I have tried googling for this but can not find an answer. Is it possible to flip the Studio layout?

Currently my Studio is layed out with the preview window in the middle, my presets at the bottom and the controls like background, effects, draw on the right hand side. I use Manycam on a duel screen and becasue of my set up my camera and presentation monitor is on the left screen and the ManyCam app on the right. I mostly use effects so I need to interact with the controls. Becasue this is on the right had side of the Manycam studio on my right hand monitor I have to constantly turn my head away form the camera to see the options in my effect folders. Things would be mch easier if I could change the layout of the studio space and move the controls from the right side to the left. Can this be done?