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Can Use ManyCam with Zoom Video Conferencing


Seems strange I cannot find a simple answer to this simple question anywhere on the internet or in ManyCam help. Anyway, I have an upcoming job interview with an online school using the Zoom platform.

QUESTION: PC, Windows 10: Can use ManyCam (and it’s various bells & whistles) with Zoom?
I hope this is the correct category.

Thanks for your help.


Hi @rexall9000,

You can use ManyCam with zoom:

Tks for your help, ieo. The notification email has been stuck in my spam folder and I am just now seeing your reply. Tks!

@rexall9000 You are welcome! So, does it work for you?

I’m a Zoom video conferencing user, but I’m on Mac and when I look at the Video sources setup in Zoom, it’s not showing the ManyCam Virtual Webcam. Is this feature available only on Windows and not on Mac? Just wondering if I’m missing something.

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Hmmm, apparently it didn’t work in 6.x, but I downloaded a new 7.x version and now I see the virtual webcam in Zoom. Hopefully that was it.