Can ManyCam record two people with 2 cameras in the same room?

Hi, I am looking for a solution where I can record myself and one other person while in the same room. We would be using one laptop with a built-in webcam, and a DSLR connected to the same laptop. We would be sharing a USB mic. Can I do this with ManyCam?

Hey @alblack

Welcome to the community. Yes, this can be done with ManyCam, but in Picture-in-Picture mode only. You’ll need to add your cams into individual PiP windows and select the Mic as an audio input.

Regarding the DSLR camera, ManyCam is a webcam software and it might fail to connect to a DSLR, however, you may try connecting it anyway as some DSLRs do connect. ManyCam is designed to work with media sources such as USB webcams, media files, IP cameras, etc.