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Can ManyCam Do These Things?

I would like to buy ManyCam for two devices but first need to know if it can do what I want. Can anyone tell me if it can:

  1. Upload a photo to my website every 60 seconds via FTP?
  2. Take full advantage of the ability of my HD1080p Logitech C930 webcams so I can upload large, high-resolution pictures (say 1920x1080)?
  3. Overlay text and time/date stamp on the uploading photos?
  4. Stitch photos taken every 60 seconds all day into a timelapse movie and upload that to my website?

Thanks for your advice!


Hey @Shortstop44

  1. No
  2. What do you mean by “upload” in this case?
  3. This feature is availabe.
  4. No.