Bulk change of video source

Good day. I would like to see a feature that allows me to do a bulk change of the video source across all presets.
Context: I have two cameras. When in my studio I use the external USB gadget camera. When I am in a foreign place, e.g. hotel, I use the built in laptop camera. Now I have defined a fair amount of presets for different purposes. I would like to use the presets but switch the cameras on all of them depending on the room that I am in.
I guess that could be a fairly easy change in the interface, e.g. it could be a small grid table with the presets in the rows and the available camera in the columns where I can use radio buttons to tick the one I want.
Or an even better way would be a “virtual video source”, so that ManyCam can point on the virtual cam, and I assign only the physical video source to the virtual cam.
Cheers, Axel

This is in line with the discussion labeled: Missed opportunity for higher performance happening now.

Yes, Perry, that looks pretty much the same. Only that the title of your thread “Missed opportunity for higher performance)” is a bit misleading, not obvious that you talk of video sources.

Apologies. Important point is that the same or similar issue is being brought up by multiple folks.