Bug: Please fix playlists as it stops playing mp3

Hi there seems to be a bug within the manycam software when selecting a folder to play audio tracks.

I DJ through manycam and unfortunitly I have discovered a bug and its very annoying.

So i have 10gb of mp3 songs so everytime i load it up within streaming live I select the folder option where all my songs are and “enable shuffle” and every so often within a few minutes or a few hours it automatically stops playing playing music meanwhile the name of the track is still scrolling in text.

I have tested this on 3 different powerfull PCs and same issue and my PCs are new.

Can you please check this bug out and try it yourself to see what i am saying.

For now i have to use a 3rd party media player so that the music doesnt stop playing. Hopefully this can be fixed as soon as possiable.