Blue Snowball Ice Mic with ManyCam. (And Voicemeeter!)

Does anybody out there use the Blue Snowball Ice mic with ManyCam? I’ve just bought one and on my raw footage, it seems really quiet, (and there is no gain/boost slider in Windows 10 Settings for it). Curiously, once the footage is processed through ShotCut, the difference between the laptop internal mic (Dell Inspiron 3780). The sensitivity/volume of the microphone is set as high as possible in ManyCam.

So, to introduce gain, I installed Voicemeeter, but my ManyCam does not process the signal from Voicemeeter, even though it is shown as an audio device to record from.

Anyone else use the same combination and have any tips?

Hey @Darren_Burr,

I’ve heard this mic is really quiet by design. I assume you have the same issue in other apps when used without Voicemeeter.

Also, not entirely sure this will help, but try installing this firmware -

This thread seems to have some good replies as well, have a look -

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