Blinking Broadcast on Facebook

I’m using manycam studio on my MacBook Air to broadcast chat sessions from Paltalk ( on a facebook page.
the issue I’m facing right now that once I start the broadcast, manycam monitoring screen starts blinking and continues to do that during the whole broadcast session.

anything can be done to fix this?
my email associated with my account is:
my manycam version: manycam studio lifetime, Version:

appreciate your support,
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Hey @Mahmoud_El-Ashry

Does ths occur with any ManyCam video source (i.e. webcam, media files etc) or during desktop capturing sessions only?

sorry for the late reply.
but I’m reviving this topic as the problem still there. :slight_smile:
actually this happens when I try to capture chat sessions from PalTalk and broadcast it to a Facebook page I manage.
other sources look fine.
Also when I’m trying to make the transition from one source to another, the whole application of ManyCam shuts down.
I appreciate your help.

Any help, Please.
The problem still there.

Are you on ac or PC? Can you reach out to our Support team at so they can help you retrieve the crash report and log files?