Beta test of Manycam Add Remote Users

The newest Beta of Manycam allows you to connect with remote ManyCam users, and pull their video feed into your manycam screen as an input.

Would anyone like to test this with me?

Before doing so, you need to install ManyCam Beta, and I we can coordinate to add each other as contacts. I’d be keen to do this with the ManyCam team too.

I would be willing to be your ManyCam test dummy. Email me at to set up a time.
– Joe Bolen

P.S. Current Beta Version

Fantastic! I’m in the UK, and mostly free on Friday (tomorrow).

Gimme a time, and I’ll send an invite.


Stephen, how about 4:00 PM London time, which is 11:00 AM EDT for me?

Once again:
Email -
Name - Joe Bolen

Perfect - invite sent.

Weirdly, beta version keeps crashing on me, so I’ve reverted to

This still has the Contacts functions, so I hope will be fine.

As you know, I, too, had issues with the After of test, I took the risk of both uninstalling ManyCam via Windows 10 Settings > Apps, as well as choosing from the menu to Reset Settings. Then, I reinstalled the beta and it work fine. Thankfully, the exported presets were not deleted, and I was able to soon recover my setup.

Thanks for the experience. I think this beta version may still have some bugs, but I like that it is easier to use than Skype.

– Joe Bolen, Dover, Ohio, USA

What is the number of people chatting at the same time?

I haven’t been able to test the maximum number of guests as separate feeds, on screen yet.

Manycam are usually pretty vague on the limitations of individual features, and haven’t shared any information on this beta functionality yet.

From my perspective, this is a real game changer, but will rely heavily on your broadband and cpu usage.

Hi @Stephen_O_Donnell,

Thanks for testing.

Please upload crash dump files (all *.dmp) from C:\ProgramData\ManyCam\CrashDumps somewhere (Google Drive, Dropbox) and send the link to

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Sent now via WeTransfer

Hey @Stephen_O_Donnell

Thank you for your patience, we have fixed the crash. Please reinstall the latest beta and try again:

Thanks, I updated to the latest Beta, and now I have no audio output from Manycam.

Nothing from videos playing in presets, and nothing from recordings played back from the Gallery.

may i try beta version?

Can one of you be kind and record a tutorial video and put it on youtube to show us how to invite people with cams through manycam?