BETA network/WAN bandwith usage

Making a WAN/LAN Speedtest before starting ManyCam shown a full bandwith of 1 Gbit down and 500 mbit down.

When ManyCam is started and no chroma keys, replace or blur effects are used the Speedtest shown less than half the bandwith available on my laptop.

Dell, Intel chipset but with a 1gbit LAN card.

What could be the issue here?

Does this only happens to you on the BETA I only have a 400Mbps simetric internet conection and it shows no slowdown when I have ManyCam started.

What CPU do you have, and do you have graphics card?

Same behavior with

On this specific computer no special GPU - unfortunately.

CPU: i5-6300U 2.50 ghz
RAM: 16 GB
GPU: HD Graphics 520 (driver version from April 2020)

Windows 10 PRO 2004 - build 19041.450 with feature experience pack 120.2212.31.0

By analyzing the network traffic I have been unable to identify what is happening.
But it is obvious that the network load is increased when I start ManyCam and so is the CPU load.
Basic network load with ManyCam is 7.7 mbps (not a lot) but without ManyCam it is lowered to 40-160 kbps (no other applications open).
(I also see that a soft phone, when started, used a great deal of bandwidth, but I never run the to applications simultaneously.

Extra Update
On another Windows PC with i7… 32gb ram, lots od SSD space and an old Nvidia 1060 6gb GPU I see no issues what so ever with bandwith.

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It could be because of the CPU, since its a Gen 6 and U version maybe it has some problems with high resolutions, you can try to use 480p at 30fps on the manycam resolution options and try again and see if its improved…

But rather peculiar that an egen okser processer handles the load perfectly fine - only with extra help from the GPU and 1080p.

The i5 is only working with 480p - should have mentioned that.

Actually from this laptop I have not been able to run at huggede resolutions at any time. But you may be right that is has to do with the CPU.

(Both pc’s are running the same antivirus/software firewall and are plugged directly into the router - no wifi).

I may be trying to have it replaced and will definitivt return with the resultat when that happens.