Best IP cameras?

So I’m setting up a streaming platform for my church, and I’d like to have several (3?) cameras as part of the system. I’m thinking one camera tied via USB to the laptop running manycam and two IP cameras.

  1. Is this a typical setup? Any issues to be aware of?

  2. Are IP cameras generally stable? Any issues?

  3. There appear to be three types of IP cameras: security cameras, camcorders with IP capabilities, and smartphones. Are there compelling reasons to buy any particular camera type, or any particular camera?

I’m leaning towards getting some older iphones (6) or similar, primarily because they will also work with Switcher Studio and similar apps, plus they run manycam natively and can do a bunch of other useful things. THoughts?


ManyCam currently supports the following formats for IP-Cameras: MJPEG/H.264 for video (H.265 not supported yet) and G.711 for audio if you need it (AAC not supported yet). ManyCam supports RTSP (recommended) and HTTP protocols (HTTP has no audio support). Make sure your IP-Cam meets the requirements.

Thanks for the info. What types of cameras are people using? Is it mostly smartphones? Is anyone using inexpensive security type IP cameras? Or camcorders? I guess I’m looking for some insight into the relative merits or shortcomings of the different types of IP cameras.