Background Removal without Chroma Screen on the road map?

Hi Team,

I was really excited the join the manycam family here, but unfortunately, I realised that one very important feature is missing for me: removal (or at least blurring) of background WITHOUT the use of any chroma key screen.

It would be a game changer.

To illustrate what I mean: the following apps have that included:

  1. zoom
  2. xsplit vcam:
  3. Chromacam:

Will this be supported any time soon?
I would happily volunteer as a beta tester :slight_smile:

Best, Maik

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Hey @Maik

Thanks for joining the ManyCam community!

We’re actually working on completely revamping Chroma Key at the moment and background blur without a green screen is one of the things we’re working on adding.

I’ll check with the team how close we are to a demo-able version and see if I can get you a .gif or something of how it will work!

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wow, that’s AWESOME. I am so glad to hear it. makes my recent manycam purchase much more valuable :slight_smile: Look forward to the good news soon.

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Here with the follow up!

It’s just a screenshot but in general there are a couple changes I can’t mention just yet, but as you see below Chroma Key, we have “Blur Background” where you can set the blur radius.

This is kind of the alpha for background blur so we might change some things in the near future!

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That is really great and covers a big use case for me.

I would like to share a bit about my other use case. I used apps like Xsplit on windows to replace my background with custom pictures that carry information, words, bullet points etc relevant in that moment of the webinar.

There is just no such software on MAC and I just switched to it.

So if manycam could offer a way not just to blur but also replace the background easily it would be sooo useful. Bonus would be if I could predefined a number of background pictures that I could switch to easily via hotkey but I am dreaming here :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the effort and the quick response.

I feel I made the right choice with this platform!

Best, Maik

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Hey @maik

For background replacement do you mean without a green screen?
Because our current Chroma Key allows for background replacement with custom images and our revamp will allow videos.

Yes, correct. All that without chroma screen.

This is where the market of similar apps seems to be going…

As I see it chroma key with Green Screen has much better performance (and quality) than the version without it.
At least this is what zoom shows on my PC when I try to turn it on:

At the same time green screen version works good in zoom on the same machine.

Indeed…unfortunately, this message means your computer is not ready to pull off the magic that zoom can do by removing your background while you don’t have a chroma screen.

I have compared the two…I get a lot of artefacts when I use the normal function and have my green screen background…the function that works without it is much better. I use a recent Macbook Pro, so guess this does need a bit of CPU-firepower with Zoom…it is impressive, when you see it!

@Chris_MC, I was wondering if you have a beta version of the revamped chroma key and are looking for testers? Even with a green screen (or blue screen), the existing chroma key doesn’t work very well and it’s nearly impossible to get rid of the color-bleed from the edges. I’d be happy to test a new version and provide feedback.

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Hey @MagellanTX!

We’re actually rolling out the ManyCam 7 Beta in a couple of weeks so soon it will be public for you to test!
This beta will have a lot of new things to play around with and will be available to all current subscribers.


Hi guys. Is there an update on when the background blur might be added to ManyCam? This is a feature I’m really keen on using too, and I notice that version 7 arrived without it. Just wondering if you had any more info?


Fully agree! I so desperately look for these two functions:

  1. Background Blur without chroma screen. Skype has that for a long time.
  2. Background replacement without chroma screen. Zoom has that for a long time.

Again the important thing would be to have this functionality without a chroma screen. I run so many meetings and sessions while on the go and this would be an absolute killer feature.

I have upgraded to manycam premium lifetime simply in the hope that this will become a reality soon.

Attached a picture from zoom for illustration.

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Is there any update on this feature? I just upgraded to v7 and I can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

Hi @esteban,
Please try it in beta, but the work is in progress (may crash and doesn’t work well):

Hi Team,
I was curious to try this. I am not sure what is happening though. When I chose ‘blur’, it blurs the entire screen, including the person. When I chose background replacement, it does not show my face either. The algorithm does not seem to pick me up as a person? Is there a setting that I am missing?

Hi @maik,

Unfortunately it doesn’t work yet on some GPUs, mostly on AMD cards (your case?).
Please try to switch to the Intel card if you have or wait for an update:

Hi, Yes, that is it. thanks for the workaround!

I just tried the beta on my Mac… and… well… I think there is still quite a long way to go before the feature is close to what Zoom, Teams, CamTwist, etc. are offering even without a green screen. I think that it is a great step in the right direction and I am looking forward to this feature, but it is just not yet ready.

One of the features that I miss the most from CamTwist is the ability to add an adjustable blur layer between the background image layer and chroma key’ed webcam layer. This allows me to slightly blur (bokeh) the details in the background image while leaving the foreground webcam image in sharp focus. I would really like to see a feature like this implemented.