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Aver 520 Pro IP Camera is not Responding

Hi -
I bought and paid for Manycam Studio. I went in to add an IP cam. Used the following:
RTSP Address: rtsp://
At first it wasn’t connecting and got the “IP Camera is not Responding”.
So then I toggled on the TCP Connections. Still the same message.
I even went as far as Adding a username and password for access (in the Aver setings) and then removed and readded the IP cam in Manycam with the credentials. and I still see IP Camera is not Responding.

I’m on the most recenter version of Mac OS Ventura.
I have the most recent version of ManyCam.
I’ve restarted my mac etc.

I know the camera shows up in the mac app Split Cam, but not showing up with ManyCam.
I always Quick Split Cam so it’s not like that app is hogging the stream somehow.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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Can you connect your camera via USB and use as Web-Camera, not IP-Camera?

As for login/password, you need to enter them to separate fields (not in URL) like:


Please also collect logs and send to support.

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I can’t connect the main camera via USB because I don’t have a USB that long. It’s mounted on a pole.
I did enter the username and password for the access in the separate fields - and that still didn’t work.

I have another camera that I will hook up via USB but not the primary.
I will send over the logs to support when I get back to that computer.

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