Automated startup with presets possible?


Is it possible to start manycam with a certain preset without the need for further user interaction? I’d like to set up a conference room for skypecalls for either one user with one camera or two users with two cameras. There is only one PC available.

If the second camera is needed, manycam is needed to mix the input from the two cameras and then output one mixed signal as video input for skype. As far as I understand, that (and much more) is something manycam can do. A lot of the people using that room are pretty unexperienced with pc programs though. They might be able to operate skype, but I am pretty sure they won’t be able to understand a second program. So i’d like to keep things simple - just two presets (single camera and mix two usb cameras side-by-side) to create a source signal for skype, where the video source is always just the manycam “webcam”. Ideally those presets could be loaded up just by clicking a specific desktop shortcut without any further user interaction apart from starting skype. Is that possible?

Thanks, Philipp