Audio WAV files playing in headphones but not to students

Have audio wav files playing and can hear them in headphones.
Tried setting audio inputs to “system sound” but no luck.
Global Sound switch is ON.
Any ideas?

Hey @kurt

Please try this guide:

Thankyou so much! This did the trick. It was a combo of ManyCam and Windows, along with the windows classroom app, in this case VIPKids. The student could hear the music.
Thanks much!

I don’t understand what you did. I am VIPKID too and cannot figure this out even though I read all these things.

Hey @Kathryn_Madsen

Please check your Windows setting as detailed in the guide:

Perhaps you can use third-party converters to convert audio wav files into player compatible formats, such as ViWizard Amazon Music Converter, which supports exporting songs to various popular audio formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, M4B, and WAV. It can save Amazon Music songs to physical files instead of cache files. Then you can transfer Amazon Music songs to other devices for playback.