Audio Presets or Include Audio Settings in Presets


I´m a high school English and drama teacher, teaching virtually. ManyCam has been an excellent addition to my classroom. For my drama classes, I love that I am able to switch between my cameras for a wide shot, so the students can follow my physical warm-up activities, and I love that I can add and adjust music in playlists and mix the volume. I use that feature a lot.

My request is for audio presets, or the ability to tie audio settings to video presets. Either, really. When I am sitting and using the computer camera on my face, I use a headset to speak and listen. When I stand and switch to the wide camera, I take the headset off and use the computer´s internal mic and speaker to hear. To transition, I have to make each of these adjustments manually, and it would be really great if I could just click the preset and have the audio switch.


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I just joined forum to ask the same question!

did you work anything out?