Audio Playlist Plays Clips Not Clicked On

I have four audio clips in my Audio Playlist. Loop isn’t selected. If I double click one sound it plays that clip, but then plays one or more of the others without clicking on them. Why wont it just play the audio clip I click?

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Great question, and it reallllly sucks. Having to his pause or fade audio it an extra 3 seconds of time before I can cut to my next video cue. If you find a solution let us know!

Do the developers pay attention to this forum? The program is really lacking in some of the simplest things.

All the audio files play no matter which you click on
You can only add one text box to a preset (and why does a text box have a background color you can’t edit?)
Lower Thirds can’t be added to a preset, they apply all presets

For all the good things manycam has built into it, it’s terrible on just as many other features that should be built into it. I’m definitely going to explore other options.